Our parent company Roopa Knitting Mills allows us to manufacture our products domestically in Canada. From knitting and dyeing to sewing and quality assurance we have our hands on the entire process of making every garment. We are first and foremost a manufacturer, with an approach to design through the lens of a maker. This perspective has allowed us the opportunity to focus on every detail along our manufacturing supply chain to constantly improve and create unrivalled products.

We understand that in order to create the highest quality fabric, we need to begin with the best raw materials available. When milling our heavyweight fleece and jersey products, we start with sourcing the highest quality cotton yarns required for the specific fabric being milled. Sourcing USA spun yarns from locally grown cotton has also allowed us to further support domestic manufacturing and reduce the carbon footprint in our supply chain.

Using the highest quality cotton yarn only begins the process, our knitting mill is the largest remaining in Canada. Akin to our desire to work with only the best yarns available, we only work with the highest quality circular knitting machines engineered. We value the machinery and technology that facilitates these operations, but we believe the foundation of creating products to the highest standards depends on the mastery of each human being involved in the process. With over 30 years experience we have a team with unparalleled knowledge of our knitting process which allows us to create some of the best knit fabrics in the world. From hardwearing fleece, to ultra soft jerseys, each fabric is meticulously crafted and inspected for high quality output in the same facility that ultimately ships our product to the end user.



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